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Jason Muxlow

Gongos, Inc
Vice President, Technology
Gongos. Inc
Senior Director of Technology
Jason Muxlow has been promoted to VP from a Senior Director status to head Gongos’ technology and IT department, while supporting its data analytics, data sciences and digital methods teams across multiple areas of Gongos’ business.

Jason continues to empower an agile team of developers with backgrounds in web and app design and development, rich media and gaming. As former Senior Director, Technology, his deliberative strengths fuel his ability to consult with teams across the company.

He was spotlighted as Technology Leader in Survey Magazine's March 2015 issue, and holds a B.A. in Management Information Systems & minor in Computer Science from Oakland University.

What is Gongos and What is the company about? Gongos, Inc. is a decision intelligence company that partners with Global 1000 corporations to help build the capability and competency in making great consumer-minded decisions. Gongos brings a consultative approach in developing growth strategies propelled by its clients' insights, analytics, strategy and innovation groups.
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