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Operation Retrain Automotive 2020 — Forthcoming Service, Career, & People Crisis?

“How Technology Will Help the Auto Industry Work Force & Not Replace Them”

Books for Those Who Seek–“Three Revolutions: Steering Automated, Shared, and Electric Vehicles to a Future”


Powerful Book for Summer: Will Make You Realize You Just Got Better

Senate Banking Committee Bill Giving Dealers Power to set Car Loan Interest Rates Deemed Dangerous

The Challenge of Autonomous Driving Technology PR & Communications [Blog]

The Secrets Behind Tesla’s Great Customer Experience

Don’t Sit in the Dark Doodling: Take Notes at Next Industry Conference with Pen and Paper for Report Back to Your Boss and Those You Left Behind.

Sit in the Dark Doodling: Take Notes at Next Industry Conference with Pen and Paper for Report Back to Your Boss and Those You Left Behind


Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing
This Book will help you sell more cars

Broken Clock Marketing Strategy
Four Things You Can Do When Your Budget is Being Devoured Over Time

Something Continues to Smell about the So Called VW Scandal

Almost every week, there are indications in the Press that something stinks.

Ever Wondered How Many Harvard MBAs are in the Car Business?—You Gotta Care.
See What New Book Says plus Editor’s Assessment

Leads Aren’t Dead. Think Engagements Instead & Get them to Your Website.

Dealer Model in Peril: Dealer Disconnect Surfaces in Auto Ads

See What AdAge Publisher & Disruptor Say

Smoke and exhaustIs the Other Shoe About to Drop in the VW Diesel Emission Scandal?

Other OEMs Involved? Really Industrywide Denial & EPA Flawed Measurement?

seniors-rule Seniors Rule: 24% of 50–60 Year Olds Doing Startups;

5 Myths about landing good job later in life

Source: Wall Street Journal

top-5-trends_hero-image_blog_1068x700-640x419Dealer Management Thinkers:Get Smart about Predictive Intelligence Now:
[Go to #5 of Trends Listing & Get Your Team Engaged & Acting]

Blog Image on Refineries - a-1476213972-snap-photo Outages Rant: Refinery Outages Seem to Manipulate Gas Prices in California

Diamandis Tech Blog- 160815-Homepage-Carousel-3x1Startling Predictions from Peter Diamandis: Massive decline in auto sales forthcoming.

VW Scandal or not - AR-150929807 Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop–Is Only VW Really to Blame for the Diesel Fiasco or is the real Scandal about NTSHA, Other Car Manufacturers, Suppliers, Congress, Government Bureaucrats, the Industry Press, & the Way OEMs Sell Cars?

Pay to Say - ed_imageSNN0733Z_54_355876aYou Take the Front Cover. We’ll Take the Back.—
Getting Behind Dealers, Not in Front

Mexican Plants -635698318093916797-DFP-auto-NAFTA-Mexico-plants-MAP-PRESTOAnother Car Crash for U.S. Jobs & Manufacturing—Is Ford Running Off the Road by Abandoning U.S. Manufacturing?

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Significant Potential Dealer Action-ables from 2019 Auto Reputation Report

Public perception finally agrees: Women are as Competent as Men

Retailing Leader, Walmart, Delivering Groceries with Level 4 Vehicle Plus Driver

Solving the Logistics of Last Mile Strategy

How New LIDAR Sensors Lets Autonomous Vehicles See More and Drive More Safely

How Much of the Used Vehicle Market will Traditional Auto Auctions like Manheim be left with after Disruption?

Unsold Vehicles hit Ten Year high in May — Panic or Price or Prepare?

Tell Me Again Why New Car Buying Can’t Be Online

Red Alert: Will AI & Big Data Cause Another Auto Lending Meltdown in the Next Year Propelled by Asset Based Securities Abuse?

How Blockchain Can Help to Avoid a Repeat of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis in the Auto Market

AR/VR-as-a-Service Now Ready to Become a Leading Platform for Auto Industry, Dealers, and Car Buyers to Shop & Select a Vehicle.

Breakthrough: Open Source Blockchain Ecosystem Solution to Bring Transparency & Data Security to $2.8 T Pre-Owned Auto Industry

Has Digital Media Killed Automotive Trade Publications or Have They Killed Themselves ?

Solution To & For a Big Problem: Dealerships Loaded With Unsold New Cars


Connected Cars: A Connected Vision -A Car History Reminder & Recap of Where We Are with Connectivity

2019 Predictions Robotics & Automation by AI Industry Experts

50 Trends to Watch in 2019

Amazon Air Drives UPS & FedX into Last Mile Strategy With Sense of Urgency

U.S, Made Sedans Appear to be Dead & SUV’s Are a Growing Challenge for Industry, Traffic, and Environment

On the Road to Autonomy:Webinar and Virtual Workshop:

We All Know & Love Jody–This is a MUST: Jody DeVere Family Woolsey Fire Recovery Fund

Cargobikes Not Drones Are The Future For Urban Deliveries

Breakthrough AI Platform Enables Auto Consumers to Shop the Way They Think & To Find that New or Used Car Like Now

Last Mile Package Delivery — Cargo Bikes Not Drones Are The Future For Urban Deliveries