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Chuck Parker is founder and president of Automotive Information Network, Inc., publishers of the automotive industry’s leading Web magazine, www.automotivedigest.com and five market segment e-newsletters.

Parker’s industry management experience prior to founding  AutomotiveDigest.com and Automotive Information Network, Inc. in 1998 includes 9 years as publisher of automotive print magazines at Bobit Publishing and Director of Electronic Media. Before entering automotive print magazine publishing, Chuck held senior executive management positions at Avis Leasing, National Car Rental, Rollins Auto Leasing, The LeMans Group, Colonial National Bank and founded two automotive systems and marketing companies.

Chuck is an acknowledged Industry analyst and spokesperson with management  and publishing  experience in all aspects of the automotive  market including dealer operations & marketing, fleet, commercial & retail leasing, systems development, auto finance & underwriting, car & truck rental, fueling, green vehicle development and automotive conference management.

Automotive Information Network’s Web magazine, www.automotivedigest.com, is an on-line media magazine that provides an electronic media digest of the significant automotive industry news, developments and activities published by major national and global print publications, magazines and newspapers.  AIN Media also publishes www.dealerdigestdaily.com, www.fleetmanagementweekly.com and www.automotivedigest.com.

Chuck Parker can be reached at cparker@automotivedigest.com

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