Top 20 Anti-Retirement Actionables to Keep You Alive & Awake During the Day

No RetirementPeople either cannot wait to retire, cannot retire, and/or should not ever retire.
Here is a listing of alerts, actionables, and anxieties about your retirement.

1. Realize that you will be missed at the office for no more than a week and they will blame everything on you for at least a year after you are gone.
2. Transform one room of your paid-for house into an office & make files for everything
3. Know that are now an entrepreneur and that everything you do is tax deductible
4. Have a reason to get out bed in the morning – find a cause immediately
5. Stretch and breathe deeply every two hours –Deny & lie about your age at all times.
6. Maintain or develop “Big Picture” POV in spite of your past insularity & indifference
7. Create and express what you want to do with or propose to anybody on One Page
8. Blog, create a Website, Get on Facebook, Twitter
9. Text your kids and consulting prospects regularly
10. Clip, cut, and paste articles from newspapers, magazines & Websites
11. Develop a “Fix List” of things or problems you want to help fix
12. Schmooze a lot on the phone and social media and when walking the dog.
13. Do & say what you want to do when and where ever you decide
14. Don’t be a grouchy old person but do speak your wisdom slowly & confidentially
15. Drink lots of water and do not take pills unless you are terminal
16. Realize how smart & wise you are but that no one really cares or gives a damn.
17. Hang out with Millennials and 5 year olds as much as possible
18. Realize that there are already too many consultants, lawyers, & diets.
19. Consider Botox, Night cream, and mouth wash but do not dye your hair.
20. Stand up as straight as you can and smile even when you feel like shit.

Chuck Parker
Automotive Digest
In Retrenchment 2015

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