New Words for 2014

wordsHere’s a sampling of Words, Terms, and Expressions you will want to use in your text messaging – words you’ll be seeing in magazines and hearing on TV (if you’re not already).

You’ll probably even hear these words used and said around the dealership. 


BITCOIN – New form of electronic encrypted currency.

DOX – Someone personal information.

ITAP – “I took a picture.”

LEAN IN – Process for successful women in the work place.

SELFIE – Self portrait or photo, probably snapped on a mobile phone.

TWERK – Wiggling ones rear end with feet planted in a dance.

VAPE – Electronic smoking.

CATFISHING – Using a Fabricated Identity on social media.

YOLO – “You only live once.”

DELFIE – A Drunk Selfie.

PAY-PER GAZE – Monitoring of Ad Watching on Google Glass.

SHOWROOMING – What your favorite prospects are doing when getting a new car price on their cell from another dealership while standing next to your desk.

FLASH MOB  Brief gathering for a common purpose, announced by e-mail or text.

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