Make Yourself the Most Influential Person in the Dealership: Get a White Board ASAP

whiteboardYour Situation:  You are trying to sell more cars, gain more recognition, change the culture of the dealership, get promoted, and make more money.

What do you want to do?  Make a name for yourself and gain more power, influence, and money. Cause your GM or the dealer owner to regard you as a “comer”—someone who is going places and making things happen – A team player and potential leader.

What do you do: Go buy two 4×6 White Boards; Put one in your office at the dealership and the other one in your den or home office.

Your Action # 1 this week:

  • Become a major White Board user –no matter what.
  • Use your White Board as a new “Think and Act” tool.
  • Add to your reputation as an advocate of all things digital.
  • Make your office your Brainstorming Center for you & associates.
  • Make list of projects, new ideas, and things you are working on.
  • Use to post your grand vision of you, your job, and your dealership.
  • Use the White Board to as an all-purpose tool for you and your dealership associates to come up with new ideas.

Why a White Board:

  • Keeps your objectives and projects focused.
  • Visible place to record everything you think, see, and want to do.
  • It is central place to quickly and easily post what is important in BIG format.

What will happen? You will become the center of attention and influence in your dealership.

Who is a big user of White Boards?  Jeff Bezos at Amazon, and Steve Jobs (while he was still with us).

What should you use with this?  List tasks, leads, and things to do on your Outlook or Apple tools along with Evernote– Also will work with Salesforce or any personal project management system you have. 

Where to get more information, inspiration, or reason why this idea:

1) Go find the recent Wall Street Journal article:

2) Google “White Boards.”

3) Contact the author of the great article in the WSJ: Farhad Manjoo

4) Try it- it will change your career, your life, and make you a thought leader.

5) Top Ten Things to do with your White Board

5) Get a White Board

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