Dealer Web Video Ads Soon To Be Automated by Programmatic Buying Process

computer-tvSituation:  AOL is the cheerleader for the online video industry and automotive marketers and dealers are about to follow.  First-ever programmed ad buying has been set up with several largest ad agencies.

Wave of the Future? AOL is predicting programmatic ad buying will be a $ 100 billion industry soon.  OEMs and dealer can quickly pick target demographics and aggregate large audiences on many sites.  The biggest boon is that this will be to shift ad dollars from TV to the Web and sites like AOL, Yahoo, and

Video Content in Demand: Major Internet companies are going after budgets that have historically gone to TV.  The concern is that these platforms will not have enough inventory to fill the demand.

Video Ad Spend Growing: Digital Video ad spending grew over 46% this past year and TV ad spending went up only 6.4%. Total TV ad spending this past year was $2.9B however.

Where to Get Video Inventory? Only 5% of AOL Video content is produced by them.  The rest comes from third party publishers who syndicate their video content.  Much of the video ad inventory would end up on one of AOL’s  HuffPost Live, launched earlier this year.

What This Seems to Suggest to Dealers: Within a year, your site will be loaded with video content, ads, and infographics from everywhere.  Your ads will be placed by RTB [Real Time Bidding} based on the what the site vistor’s profile reveals about what him or her is looking for in new or used vehicles.  Automatic or programmatic banner and native advertising are going to be almost instantly presented to prospective car buyers who we “surf-snooping” on or linked sourcing to your site.

To get more on what AOL is up to – go the and search for “AOL Bets on Automated Ads” post last Tuesday, September 24th. (Note that if you are not a paid subscriber, they may seek to make you one.)

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