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How You & Leasing Can Ensure Your Dealership’s Future — By Not Being a Dealership

The Apparent Situation: Leasing is back in the dealer showroom – With supposedly less risk based on the “right” residuals to keep the trek toward 16M new vehicle sales going, all while being a “catalyst” to transform what “dealer” think … Continue reading

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Dealer Web Video Ads Soon To Be Automated by Programmatic Buying Process

Situation:  AOL is the cheerleader for the online video industry and automotive marketers and dealers are about to follow.  First-ever programmed ad buying has been set up with several largest ad agencies. Wave of the Future? AOL is predicting programmatic … Continue reading

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Nobody is Talking to Each Other: The Twelve Informational Silos of Automotive Marketing

Situation:  As a keen daily observer, participant, reporter, and publisher of automotive marketing communications & information, it appeared to me initially that there were at least ten informational silos functioning at present in the automotive marketing communications infrastructure – silos … Continue reading

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Are Consumer Data Sales Probes About to Hit Auto Marketers & Dealers?

The Situation:  Data feeds from multiple sources about consumer behavior & buying habits are proliferating into the automotive market and sales channel. The scope and detail of this data is literally enabling OEM and dealer groups to “buy” pre-qualified customers … Continue reading

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Another Brake Shoe About to Drop? Car Part Makers Nailed for Price Fixing

The Shocking Situation:  So far, nine Japanese car parts manufacturers have been hit by the U.S. Department of Justice with fines totaling $740 Million for price fixing. That’s in addition to 20 companies that have been fined $1.6B — and … Continue reading

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