How to Read a Newspaper Including The Wall Street Journal

Situation one:  Most people do not read newspapers anymore.  Retired seniors, train commuters and some news junkies might sit and read the first 3 paragraphs of a dozen stories at a fast skimming pace, coffee in hand.  But most everyone who is under 40 or who has a job just doesn’t have time to read much of anything.

Situation two:  Most if not all newspapers publishers do not know how to write or edit news content for today’s busy citizenry and cell phone users and therefore continue to publish long hard to read pages of black ink with some photos and lots of print ads in two to five sections,  from the front page, sports and some business.

Six Reasons Why Newspapers & their Content are a MUST for you:

  1. Invest in subscriptions to at least two newspapers, print, online and now digital.
  2. You can write off all unreimbursed business expenses, so invest and don’t be cheap.
  3. Your continued success, personal growth and professional development depend on it.
  4. Allocate 30 minutes a day to “get smart” about the news in print, or online on your cell.
  5. You are what you read and it shows or will show in all that you do, think and become.
  6. The WSJ, NYT, your local paper, and even USA Today sitting on your desk will impress all.

How to read a newspaper in print, front to back: So how should you get back to reading a newspaper based on your life style, schedule and overwhelming responsibilities?

Here are the STEPS to reading a newspaper from now on:

  • Open the newspaper flat like it was printed so you see the whole page of each section
  • Pull out all advertising inserts, brochures,  and car sales sections
  • Create a recycle pile on the kitchen table or your desk; discard the ad section there
  • Place any sections that do not interest you in the “recycling pile” to your left
  • Put the section that interests you most on the top of the other sections like Sports
  • Find a fine point pen or even a yellow marker and a pair of scissors
  • Scan any table of contents sections, normally on the top of left column of front page
  • Using your pen, mark items in the T of C that interest you or you seek to smart about
  • Look for new trends, breakthroughs, issues & stuff no one else might see or care about
  • Now begin paging through the first section with pen in hand noting headlines & photos
  • Eyeball the first article you come across & read the first paragraph (topical sentence.)
  • Scan the entire article from beginning to end, noting topical sentence of each paragraph
  • With your pen in hand, underline key words that capture meaning or definition
  • Look for at least 3 such key words or phrases & underline as you intently read on…
  • Find words or phrases that help you understand & grasp why the article was written
  • Put a “SIT” in the column space to the left or right indicating that content is “Situation”
  • Seek to find and mark at least three words or phrases that describe the “Situation”
  • You now have attained a mental picture of the “So” or Situation which birthed this news
  • Next, or as you are reading, seek to determine the “Significance” of this article to whom
  • Designate such assessment of “Significance” in the left hand column with an “SIG”
  • Seek to come up with at least 2 “SIGS” from each article and even “pen” the name
  • You know have extracted a “So-So What” assessment & understanding of the article.
  • From here you go on to the next series of newspaper stories in each section
  • Determine if the article is of “Significance” to you, associates or some you know
  • Clip all such articles and either scan, send, or find the article on line and send to them
  • Realize that such articles are actually “catalysts” that trigger your brain & imagination
  • Know that every news item is a source of connectivity with another person
  • You can save your clippings for a period of no more than a month in file drawer
  • Draw on this archival file for reference, updates and to sound really smart & informed
  • Look for sidebar boxes of bordered content & statistic charts that tell a story

You now are an accomplished & schooled” newspaper reader; so now what?

  • Newspapers are now editing content for immediate consumption & understanding
  • Soon newspapers will be six pages or less with digital and online versions- Read both
  • How well & quickly you can read a newspaper will determine your success in life
  • This method of reading newspaper will give you knowledge & power to be the boss
  • Investing time, money, and energy to be “smart and informed” will change your life
  • You will become richer, gain more respect, and even your sex life will improve


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