12 Automotive Sales and Marketing Words That Need to be Retired and Replaced

Situation:  Just came back from five days in Las Vegas at the DSES and J D Power and Associates Marketing Roundtable where we heard a lot of old and maybe outmoded words and phrases that need to be replaced by a new set of terms and phrases.

Some words we could stop using and instead use better words or phrases:

Tired Old Words                 New Inspired Words

TRAFFIC                                AUDIENCE RESPONSE        

SHOPPER                              RESEARCHER



CONSUMER                           PERSON

CUSTOMER                           CLIENT

BUYER                                    USER

DEAL                                       TRANSACTION

DEALER                                 RETAILER

TRADE                                    VEHICLE ASSET


UP                                              PROSPECT

Reality check:  Some of the twelve may not catch on right away, but some of them suggest a new way of looking at the sales and marketing process, positioning, and presentation of  vehicles and transportation management.  New terminology would give our “audience” a new perspective of image and positioning that we all seek deliver to our “clients.” Furthermore, some of these “new” words or phrases really capture what is going on in the automotive market and provide a new and exciting way to express confidence and transparency.

For example, words and terms we could use immediately:

Sales Consultant instead of Car Sales Person

Client instead of Customer

Transportation Center instead of dealership

Retailer instead of Dealer (this is not a new idea)

Prospect instead of “Up”

User instead of Buyer or Owner



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