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12 Automotive Sales and Marketing Words That Need to be Retired and Replaced

Situation:  Just came back from five days in Las Vegas at the DSES and J D Power and Associates Marketing Roundtable where we heard a lot of old and maybe outmoded words and phrases that need to be replaced by … Continue reading

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What will a Cyberattack do to Car Sales and Dealerships the Day of and Afterward?

Situation:  As the number of cyberattacks on banks have increased, banks are being admonished to get out and prevent these attacks. Major financial institutions are now investing big and scrambling to bring in hardware, systems and people together to ward … Continue reading

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The Ten Informational Silos of Automotive Marketing — Not Talking To Each Other

Situation:  As a keen daily observer, participant, reporter and publisher of automotive marketing communications and information, it appears that there are at least ten informational silos functioning at present in the automotive marketing communications infrastructure. What is an “informational silo?” According … Continue reading

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