Top Twelve Living Myths that Need to be Busted Right Away

Whether you’re talking about the automotive world, or the world as a whole, myths are important. They give context to the world that surrounds us, and help us understand a little bit more. Usually, that is.

Some myths, though, are confusing … and some are just straight-out falsehoods. Here we debunk some of the more egregious myths that are floating around these days.

  1. Don’t tell the truth because you won’t get elected, have sex or get promoted.
  2. Negative political ads and trash talking the competition work most every time.
  3. Don’t compromise because it will show you are a wimp,  weak  and have no principles.
  4. You can’t sell cars using a one price policy or pricing transparency — and still make money.
  5. Most automobile dealers only read and respond to print ads not to banners, or email.
  6. Use the term “middle class” whenever you want to have the most voter appeal.
  7. You are not going make it in business or as an individual unless you have a Facebook page.
  8. Taxing one particular group more than others will solve the U.S. deficit problem.
  9. You’ve got to use steroids, energy supplements or special drinks to win when playing sports.
  10. Tell your doctor to give you a prescription drug and you will have no pain, gas or reason to complain.
  11. Diet drinks are really diet and fool your brain every time.
  12. You can’t always “be ready,” so make the best of opportunities  to have sex or change lanes…
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