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Is Google the Evil, Monstrous, All-Powerful Web Bully that we have Noted of Late?

Situation:  Ever once in a while, Google changes the rules, arbitrarily takes down content that people really need for commerce or business development, reprograms algorithms and does things that appear to be indifferent and maybe evil after all. The other … Continue reading

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Do We Really Need Automotive Trade Media and Magazines Any More?

Situation #1 :  There are at least a half a dozen or more automotive trade publishers still “going,” publishing print magazines and tabloids, and contenting pages in some way, shape or form of print,  web sites posting,  and migrating the … Continue reading

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Top Twelve Living Myths that Need to be Busted Right Away

Whether you’re talking about the automotive world, or the world as a whole, myths are important. They give context to the world that surrounds us, and help us understand a little bit more. Usually, that is. Some myths, though, are … Continue reading

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Phone guys running GM need to be disconnected over Ewanick firing

Situation: I don’t know about you, but something really “smells” about the way that Akerson and the General Motors gang of old line thinkers got rid of Joel Ewanick. What sounds bogus?  The excuse or reason that GM gave for … Continue reading

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