Need Great People in Your Dealership? Recruit, Hire, & Build on the Military Experience of Returning Veterans

Need Great People in Your Dealership? Recruit, Hire, & Build on the Military Experience of Returning Veterans

Situation:  Highly disciplined, trained, and focused veterans are going out of active duty every day. The way these remarkable people carry, present, and deliver their skill set, attitude, and sheer strength is impressive and amazing.

Situation Extended:  A literal “Army” of incredible human resource awaits you right in your home town and within blocks of your dealership. You keep hearing about this rich resource of talent and experience everywhere – in the newspaper, online, and on the social networks. The command experience, organizational training, and combat grit that all of these returning vets provide are going to transform your dealership or company in ways that you will find startling—unless you have been in the military or have members of your family or the kid next door who has been to Iraq or Afghanistan several times.

What you might do immediately:

  1. Get with your GM or the HR department if you have one—and brainstorm.
  2. Look at the entire dealership’s organization & team – and make a list of the open jobs you have now or will have in next six months.
  3. Pull together job descriptions for each function including comp and reporting structure.
  4. Don’t sweat or be concerned about experience—these people are “experienced” in ways that few of your team can match & these combat-ready pros are quick learners –had to be every day in combat.
  5. Post these Career Offerings, including job descriptions, on Craigslist, Monster, or a local jobs board.
  6. Have your owner, GM or top management meet, greet, and interview the applicants.
    Use this opportunity to get the whole dealership involved in helping this highly qualified group of vets get back into civilian roles, life, and business opportunities.
  7. Realize that the basics taught and implemented in the Armed Services are really the training curriculum being used or brought to your dealership by consultants, training companies, and system providers.
  8. Bring trained military professionals into your dealership or company organization and be amazed who quickly they will be coming your leaders and your doers—the best team members and your winners.

See what Amazon learned, did, and benefited from Veterans in the May 21 issue of Fortune (page 217) and/or go to  [Great article that will inspire you to act not just think about tapping the bank of talent]

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