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You Are What You Read (and subsequently think) So here are five articles published in various print (and web) magazines that are worthy of the investment of your read-time – and even your purchase or subscription “investment” on a regular basis .
Hopefully, a listing like this every week or so will enable you to find inspiring, catalytic, and informative reading content that will help you transform, grow, and reach for more fun, money, and life. Know that I am watching, monitoring, and digging for substantive input for body, soul, and spirit at all times—yours and mine.

Here are just five I found this week in my USPS and email boxes:
Article: “Chasing the Prius”
Print Magazine:  Bloomberg Markets, May 2012, page 45
Web Site Access:
Premise of the Article: Toyota’s gas-electric vehicle strategy is dominating the green market; every OEM needs and must have similar strategy:
Content of Significance: Very visual and useful graphics and charts; by 2025 or in 13 years the average miles of all cars and trucks will double or be roughly 50 mpg

Article: “Shhh!—Genius at Work”
Print Magazine: Time, April 23rd Issue, page 44 (un-numbered, however)
Website  Sourcing:
Premise of the article: Take a nap or just go to sleep and you will be creative.
Content of significance:  The hard your day task the more effective REM sleep will enable you to accomplish it with greater success. The more of your dreams you remember, the more you will tend to be more creative.
Commentary: Time renders another informative, stimulating, and comprehensive review of a social or personal issue (Time “did” Heaven last week)

Article: “Fun Run—People, it seems, have evolved to be addicted to exercise”
Print Magazine: The Economist, April 14 Issue, page 90, Science and Technology section
Premise of the article: Running triggers a brain chemical. Endocannabinoids, that deliver a pleasurable feeling comparable to marijuana.  Or the scientific studies cited support what has been described as the “runner’s high.”
Some Insight:  The “back” pages of The Economist along with the quarterly inserts continue to be contented with ideas and stories that stimulate new ideas and peripheral issues –more applicable and usable than the political and global news in the front.

Article: “If You Build it, They (Might) Come – Are Mobile Apps the Answer for Your Business?”
Print Magazine: Website Magazine, May Issue, page 22.
Web Source:
Premise of the Article:  Apps have changed the way people use the Internet;  Provides guidelines, solutions, and even framework services that work with thousands of mobile devices and operating system API’s; use of the mobile access framework will be a user friendly experience and help you connect with present and potential clients.

Article: “How To Do Everything Better”  Section
Print Magazine: Men’s Health, May Issue 2012, page 79
What is there?  How to deal with a bee sting; keep your shoes looking good; have a successful backyard party; pull off (so to speak) some great sex on vacation.
Recommendation: Men’s Health is probably the best men’s magazine out there for men who want to grow, stay strong,  and are looking for suggestions,  ideas, and techniques to accomplish the best and the most.  Buy a copy, subscribe, and see what happens to your attitude,  spirit,  and income.

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