Ten People Who Will Never Answer Your Email or Return Your Call – Get Used to It

There is a group of people that you must deal with in some way – including just getting some answers – and will rarely respond to an email or call you back, no matter what.

The list might look something like this (particularly if you are an Internet Publisher):

  1. Ad Agency Management – For whatever reason, they decided to recommend another media and all you wanted to know was “Why” and how you could have presented a more convincing proposal or just how your publication can improve.
  2. Editors of Magazines & Newspapers – You send an email suggesting a way to improve the way they present information or content, or you have a question or a great idea—and you hear nothing.
  3. Relatives who are not going to receive any inheritance money from a family member you have been taking care of months or years.  When you ask for help or support, even with and for a family member, they are too busy or scheduled to come and help.
  4. Accounts that are leaving you or their “media buying companies” – In spite of a bargain monthly rate and lots of editorial support – even featuring interviews with their management – they leave to “experiment” with another media or marketing ideas, and they won’t even send you an email explaining what you could do better; and, if they do, it’s “We will keep your name on file and consider you next year.”
  5. Your Ex who moved to another state and who has remarried to a possessive number #2 – You do want your Ex to know that you sold the house and you were able to payoff the mortgage with no deficiencies.
  6. Major Websites like Google or Microsoft or AOL – You send a query for support or have a question, and they eventually do answer you with some cryptic answer but never ever call you back or give you a number.
  7. The White House or a Governmental Agency – I know there are 350 Million people in the country, and what if they all sent emails or call in? You don’t want them to have access to a “name or person”  who just might give them an answer or solve a problem.
  8. Authors of articles in major magazines & newspapers – Like Wired, or Business Week, or Vanity Fair, or even the LA Times or WSJ. The “suits” that are listed in the masthead never have an email included and so you are stuck with Editor@ or Feedback@.
  9. Department of Motor Vehicles – You can get an appointment to renew your license by using the phone to end up dealing with an automated operator – but forget about sending them an email – or Goodness Gracious – an email to gain a response from a human being—no way.
  10. 10. Doctors and Hospitals – Some doctors will allow you to make a routine appointment via email or online, but do not expect the doctor or the head nurse to text or call you back unless it is almost a 911 situation. One will likely get an automated phone message something like this: “If this is an emergency, hang up and dial 911. If this is regarding a appointment or other non-emergency situation, please call back during our office hours of 9AM to Noon. We take a hour and half for lunch so please call back later.”

Auto Dealers as an Example of How to Do it Right: One “group of people” who WILL call you back or send you and email pronto is/are automobile dealers and their sales and services team.  Now we need to hold up the great people in the car business as examples of who to treat your customers and make people feel good about themselves, their car, and their importance.


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