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$1 of $4 Price of Gas Caused by Speculative Commodity Market with Little Oversight?

Situation one: Many are saying that financial industry speculators have taken over the oil commodity market hat banks and public and company pension funds are responsible for as much as $1 of the price of gasoline. And these oil futures … Continue reading

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Trend and Issue Spotting 2012 – Automotive Channel

Things, developments, movements, and actions are occurring so fast and furious that there seems to be a need to somehow chronicle and monitor what maybe an emerging issue or a definitive trend. Once identified, you will then almost immediately seek … Continue reading

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BEST OF PRINT – You Are What You Read

You Are What You Read (and subsequently think) So here are five articles published in various print (and web) magazines that are worthy of the investment of your read-time – and even your purchase or subscription “investment” on a regular … Continue reading

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Can Ford “A-Ford” to Pay Any CEO $29.5M a Year? – Did Mullaly Really Turn Ford Around?

Situation: Alan Mullaly was “awarded” a compensation package of nearly $30 M in 2011; Ford stock sold at $12.48 last week, and Mullaly has options to buy up to $22M worth of Ford stock. He was the highest paid CEO … Continue reading

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Ten People Who Will Never Answer Your Email or Return Your Call – Get Used to It

There is a group of people that you must deal with in some way – including just getting some answers – and will rarely respond to an email or call you back, no matter what. The list might look something … Continue reading

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