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Are We Living in a “Pipeline” Dream? We Need to Pipe Down & Stop Smoking the Political Pipe

Situation One: There is a lot of noise about the how the Pipeline from Hardisty in Canada all the way to Houston could increase oil production in the U.S., reduce our dependency on Canada, Mexico, and the Middle East for … Continue reading

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Is There a Bad Apple Emerging? Should Auto Channel Providers & Dealers Fear or Care?

Situation: Apple’s manufacturing practices and working conditions at FoxCom in China, and in plants around the World have been probed, criticized, and exposed of late – as much as Apple has permitted, anyway. Most recently, Ira Glass’s reputable Saturday morning … Continue reading

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Basic Car Financing Is No Longer Enough

So the Most Exciting Time for Automotive Finance in U.S. & Global Markets is Coming (or Is It Already Here?) The Situation: The way vehicles will be financed, supported, sold, and cycled will undergo dramatic changes and evolutions in next … Continue reading

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Ten Years Out – Global Gridlock Worse Than Manhattan? And in 2050, You’ll Be Obsolete

Situation: Four billion cars are projected to be on global road and streets by 2050 – up from one billion today. Background: Bill Ford stirred things up at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February with a warning and … Continue reading

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