Hire The Best PR Team And Change What They Do

Situation: PR marketing has become a must for all companies in the automotive sector.

Why?  The best and most effective way for an automotive industry provider or service company to deliver its messaging is carefully planned public relations releases, crafted editorial content, how-to advertorial articles, scripted video interviews and conference marketing to selected trade and business editor and publishers.

What should PR companies be doing in the automotive market?

public relationsAnswer Part #1- Stop calling themselves “Public Relations Companies.” Instead it would be better to market their business capabilities as “Marketing Communications Services Companies.”

Answer Part # 2- Seize the opportunity to create press releases with headlines that spell out the benefit or solutions to the dealer and industry audience, rather than touting the greatness of the company or the new product or service that they are announcing.

Answer Part #3- Immediately create, expand, and provide communication services for clients that include writing and editing editorial, advertorial, and even video-torial content for posting in the content hungry automotive trade media.

Answer Part #4- Influence and persuade editors and publishers to post, feature, and leverage every possible sourced content into their trade publications as part of a planned “Marketing Communications Initiative” or campaign.

Answer Part #5 – Realize that Facebook and Twitter can give every press release media “legs” that will increase the impact of the message by as much as 2 to 10 times in exposure and readership.

Answer# Part #6 – Conclude and know that there is no longer any separation of editorial and advertising in every automotive industry trade publication and web site including the industry’s leading tabloid.

Answer Part #7- Blow up the silos: PR and advertising departments need to start working together to deliver the core messages of the client by creating editorial, advertorial, and videotorial content that supports and extends the branding messages embedded in banner advertising, which BTW is losing its position as the lead communication platform for the automotive market—industry companies and dealers included.


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