Expert Leadership Advice for the Time of COVID-19 from Mike Pitcher

The wis­dom, insight, and lead­ing edge think­ing of Mike Pitch­er pre­vails

Here is Mike with time­ly and sound coun­sel on how we look at this Cri­sis

Mike gives us vision and per­spec­tive that we need

The Coro­n­avirus will test col­lec­tive lead­er­ship skills like nev­er before

Lis­ten to great sug­ges­tions for lead­ers dur­ing this chal­leng­ing time

Start­ing with stay­ing cool and calm.

News You Need to Know

Top Twenty Anti-Retirement Action-ables to Keep Your Alive & Awake During the Day

Forget About Retiring-- and Find a Cause & Live

You may have been thinking & planning to Retire
Not any more but for reasons other than Covid 19
Here is a list of reasons NOT to Retire made 5 years ago
Some of the list may be somewhat remote --but
Most of the list, if acted upon, will keep you alive for 20 more


Are You Lonely? How bout those you love?

Coronavirus Risks--How to alleviate & Reach out for others

What is driving loneliness in the U.S.?
How can we alleviate loneliness?. What can people do?
Here is an in-depth article on How you and your family can cope

So Your Plans for a Conference Have Been Cancelled — What Now?

What to do when your planned Conference is cancelled:

Here is what Conference Organizers & management are saying---

"We are going to be forced to reinvent, recover, and redefine so many things.
These are somewhat uncharted water in conferencing.
You must always prepare for the unexpected.
Rally amongst each other, and remain optimistic."

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Cheryl Miller is New CEO of AutoNation CEOAutoNation - 12/31/1969

The First woman to be AutoNation Leader . Cheryl Miller was the chief financial officer of AutoNation for several years.

Cheryl led several strategic initiatives for AutoNation in her career.

Initiatives included building partnerships with Alphabet's Waymo.

AN second-quarter earnings rose to $100.8 M, from $97.6 M,

Analysts were expecting $1.06 a share on revenue of $5.29 billion.

AutoNation's profits have been under pressure as U.S. new vehicle sales have weakened
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Should Car Owners & Fleets Pay More Gas Tax to Fix Roads & Bridges

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