Mentor Graphics Explains How Autonomous Vehicle Design Works with PAVE 360

A Break­through Plat­form in Design­ing AV/ADAS vehi­cle.

David Fritz, Glob­al Tech­nol­o­gy Man­ag­er, Autonomous and ADAS at Siemens, intro­duces new val­i­da­tion pro­gram to accel­er­ate autonomous vehi­cle devel­op­ment

As a back­drop of Pre-sil­i­con val­i­da­tion Seimens/Mentor Graph­ics has unveiled a pre-sil­i­con autonomous val­i­da­tion envi­ron­ment called PAVE360

David Fritz,
Men­tor Graphics,Siemens’ called PAVE360 “the first plat­form that allows a mul­ti-divi­sion, mul­ti-enter­prise project” in design­ing an AV/ADAS vehi­cle.

The plat­form lets mul­ti­ple sup­pli­ers of vehi­cle com­po­nents, soft­ware and sub­sys­tems to col­lab­o­rate while design­ing a high­ly auto­mat­ed vehi­cle.

The foun­da­tion of Siemens’ PAVE360 is a con­cept called the “dig­i­tal twin.” a dupli­cate (sim­u­lat­ed) ver­sion of the real world.

To gain a com­plete grasp of what PAVE360 means to the devel­op­ment of AVs, go to the May Release by Siemens that intro­duces this rev­o­lu­tion­ary new val­i­da­tion pro­gram to accel­er­ate autonomous vehi­cle devel­op­ment.

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Significant Potential Dealer Action-ables from 2019 Auto Reputation Report

Key Findings from the 2019 Auto Reputation Report:

Lexus has the highest average reputation score, along with the most consistent retail dealer body of locations pushing reputation scores above 700.
Lincoln is generating among the most favorable consumer sentiment in the industry.
Consumer review volumes are the greatest for Toyota retail dealers among all automotive brands.
The poorest response rate to consumer reviews in the industry is held by Tesla.
Top Dealer Groups include AutoNation and Hendrick; Ford and Lincoln represent 40% of the Top 100 Dealerships

NOTE: Buyers are using digital sources to conduct research and 60% of automotive-related searches are happening on mobile devices

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Public perception finally agrees: Women are as Competent as Men

Here is what the Study revealed:

Public perception has finally caught up---Women are as competent as men — or even more so.

86 percent of those surveyed believed men and women were equally intelligent

9 percent believed women were more intelligent and 5 percent said men were smarter.

Study challenges traditional claims that stereotypes of women and men are fixed or rigid

Further, the Study joins others in finding stereotypes to be flexible to changes in social roles

In 2018, nearly 76 M women participated in the labor force or were nearly half (46.9%) of U. S. workers. See the original report on the Study,

Retailing Leader, Walmart, Delivering Groceries with Level 4 Vehicle Plus Driver

Walmart is experimenting with monitored self driving delivery vans

Gatik’s self-driving Ford vans have started shuttling groceries for Walmart

The company received approval from the Arkansas Highway Commission to launch a commercial service with Walmart

Will be delivering customer online grocery orders from Walmart’s main warehouse to neighborhood stores.

Walmart is using this project to capture data that will help to learn how best to integrate autonomous vehicles.

See more details about how Walmart is preparing to add AV's to Delivery model.
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Cheryl Miller is New CEO of AutoNation CEOAutoNation - 12/31/1969

The First woman to be AutoNation Leader . Cheryl Miller was the chief financial officer of AutoNation for several years.

Cheryl led several strategic initiatives for AutoNation in her career.

Initiatives included building partnerships with Alphabet's Waymo.

AN second-quarter earnings rose to $100.8 M, from $97.6 M,

Analysts were expecting $1.06 a share on revenue of $5.29 billion.

AutoNation's profits have been under pressure as U.S. new vehicle sales have weakened
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