Top Twenty Anti-Retirement Action-ables to Keep Your Alive & Awake During the Day


Peo­ple either can­not wait to retire, can­not retire, and/or should not ever retire.

Here is a list­ing of alerts, action-ables, and anx­i­eties for your retir­ing con­sid­er­a­tion:

1. Real­ize that you will be missed at the office for no more than a week and they will blame every­thing on you for at least a year after you are gone.
2. Trans­form one room of your paid-for house into an office & make files for every­thing
3. Know that are now an entre­pre­neur and that every­thing you do is tax deductible
4. Have a rea­son to get out bed in the morn­ing – find a cause imme­di­ate­ly
5. Stretch and breathe deeply every two hours –Deny & lie about your age at all times.
6. Main­tain or devel­op “Big Pic­ture” POV in spite of your past insu­lar­i­ty & indif­fer­ence
7. Cre­ate and express what you want to do with or pro­pose to any­body on One Page
8. Blog, cre­ate a Web­site, Get on Face­book, Twit­ter
9. Text your kids and con­sult­ing prospects reg­u­lar­ly
10. Clip, cut, and paste arti­cles from news­pa­pers, mag­a­zines & Web­sites
11. Devel­op a “Fix List” of things or prob­lems you want to help fix
12. Smooze a lot on the phone and social media and when walk­ing the dog.
13. Do & say what you want to do when and where ever you decide
14. Don’t be a grouchy old per­son but do speak your wis­dom slow­ly & con­fi­den­tial­ly
15. Drink lots of water and do not take pills unless you are ter­mi­nal
16. Real­ize how smart & wise you are but that no one real­ly cares or gives a damn.
17. Hang out with Mil­len­ni­als and 5 year olds as much as pos­si­ble
18. Real­ize that there are already too many con­sul­tants, lawyers, & diets.
19. Con­sid­er Botox, Night cream, and mouth wash but do not dye your hair.
20. Stand up as straight as you can and smile even when you feel like shit.

Chuck Park­er
Auto­mo­tive Digest
March 2015


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