Washing your hands to prevent coronavirus is great—but you also have to clean your phone

Article Summary

Your mobile phone may have up to 25,000 bac­te­ria per square inch

Pret­ty stag­ger­ing -toi­let seat has about 1,200 & door­knob 8,600.

That means your phone is prob­a­bly the dirt­i­est object you’ll touch.

COVID-19 coro­n­avirus may stay alive on hard sur­face for up to 9 days.

Tech-for­ward option– you can use an ultra­vi­o­let (UV) light to san­i­tize the screen.

UV light devices, such as Phone­Soap, can shed rays onto a device.

Effec­tive­ly destroys nucle­ic acids and breaks apart bac­te­ria DNA.

Some claim this kills 99.99 per­cent of house­hold germs





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