20 Ridiculous Phrases You Should Immediately Stop Saying at Work [From Inc.]

Article Summary

Twen­ty phras­es you should stop say­ing.

Here are 20 rather annoy­ing phras­es to con­sid­er delet­ing for­ev­er from the crevices of your mind. Ask your­self how often you use them, then try to catch your­self before you blurt one out.

“Think out­side the box”

“Grab the low hang­ing fruit”

“Run it up the flag­pole”

“This will only take a minute”

“Hit the ground run­ning”

Get your ducks in a row”

“Back to the draw­ing board”

“Throw X under the bus”

“Get the ball rolling”

“That’s above my pay grade”

“It’s our pol­i­cy”

“Push­ing the enve­lope”

“Let’s cir­cle back around”
“Take it to the next lev­el”

“I don’t have the band­width”

“Burn­ing the can­dle at both ends”

“It is what it is”

“Lost track of time”

” Plen­ty of fish in the sea”

“Work smarter, not hard­er”

Note: This aggre­gat­ed list is from Inc, Mag­a­zine for Attri­bu­tion.


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