Could a “Last Mile Strategy” by UPS & Fed X Stave Off Amazon as Competitor?

Article Summary

NOTE: This is sourced from “Last Thing” Post­ing in the Jan 20–20 issue of Busi­ness Week (Sub­scribe to get the one page arti­cle.

The Sit­u­a­tion:

UPS and FedX got through the Hol­i­day deliv­ery chal­lenge with some help from the impa­tient Ama­zon & some upgrad­ing of their net­works.

Fierce com­pe­ti­tion from & by the logis­tics chan­nels and infra­struc­ture for two deliv­ery giants

What Seems to be miss­ing?

Con­sid­er the adop­tion of a Last Mile Deliv­ery Strat­e­gy;

Park the noisey, diesel belching,lumbering trucks blocks away

Off-load pack­age on EV Car­go bikes for deliv­ery to seg­ment­ed near­by blocks.

Note: Elec­tric car­go bike would stored or placed on the rear of the exist­ing trucks.

Then the pack­ages are deliv­ered to the last mile on a bike from the back of the truck.



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