Significant Potential Dealer Action-ables from 2019 Auto Reputation Report

Article Summary

Key Find­ings from the 2019 Auto Rep­u­ta­tion Report:

Lexus has the high­est aver­age rep­u­ta­tion score, along with the most con­sis­tent retail deal­er body of loca­tions push­ing rep­u­ta­tion scores above 700.

Lin­coln is gen­er­at­ing among the most favor­able con­sumer sen­ti­ment in the indus­try.

Con­sumer review vol­umes are the great­est for Toy­ota retail deal­ers among all auto­mo­tive brands.

The poor­est response rate to con­sumer reviews in the indus­try is held by Tes­la.

Top Deal­er Groups include Auto­Na­tion and Hen­drick; Ford and Lin­coln rep­re­sent 40% of the Top 100 Deal­er­ships

NOTE: Buy­ers are using dig­i­tal sources to con­duct research and 60% of auto­mo­tive-relat­ed search­es are hap­pen­ing on mobile devices

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