The Urgent Need for Software Safety to Make Autonomous Vehicles “Safe”

Article Summary

The Cur­rent Sit­u­a­tion with AV Soft­ware:

There is NO Safe­ty Soft­ware for Autonomous Vehi­cles

Get­ting the soft­ware “right” is the chal­lenge

Mak­ing AVs More “Safe” is a Big Need for OEMs & the Indus­try

Present­ly no gov­ern­ment or reg­u­la­to­ry con­trols for AV Safe­ty

Solu­tions Being Advanced:

Core focus of Carnegie Mel­lon Pro­fes­sor Phil Koop­man is AV Safe­ty

Pub­lished num­ber of Hot Papers & Research on Soft­ware Safe­ty

Found­ed Edge­Case Research to man­age SW & AV Unknowns

Books include “Bet­ter Embed­ded Sys­tems Soft­ware”

Works with Autonomous Stress Test­ing of Auton­o­my Archi­tec­tures (ASTAA)

For more papers, pub­lish­ing, and speak­ing from Phil Koop­man, CMI.




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