New documentary, “Autonomy”, Provides a Primer on the Past, Present and Future of Autonomous Cars

Article Summary

Why this time­ly film from an unex­pect­ed by author­i­ta­tive source?

The Film, Auton­o­my, pro­duced a Team includ­ing Mal­colm Glad­well was pre­viewed at SXSW,

Mal­colm Glad­well is a respect­ed, even revered, author of insight­ful, best sell­ing books like Blink.

He is a fea­tured writer in the New York­er mag­a­zine

Known for abil­i­ty to adept­ly tread the bound­ary between pop­u­lar­iz­er & intel­lec­tu­al thought lead­er­ship

The essence of this inter­view re Auton­o­my is that we should con­sid­er how we feel about sur­ren­der­ing the author­i­ty of a dri­ving a vehi­cle.

Film is not about the safe­ty or the man­age­ment of a vehi­cle but rather that we will loose the sense of “Feel­ing” and con­trol when we actu­al­ly dri­ve the vehi­cle.

Stream this Inter­view & await announce­ment of where the film will be shown



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