You, Too, Can Learn What Generation Differences Really are about And What Millennials Will Become

Article Summary

Want to Think, Talk, & Learn about Gen­er­a­tions?

Under­stand Gen­er­a­tional dif­fer­ences?

Like fig­ur­ing out Mil­len­ni­als when they become Gen Z

Con­sid­er doing the fol­low­ing:

Block out the time, Make notes, & Watch-lis­ten to Jason

Jason Dorsey & The Ctr for Gen­er­a­tional Kinet­ics are thought Lead­ers

Jason is a pas­sion­ate, artic­u­late, influ­encer & defin­er.

Anoth­er TED Talk that will make you more effec­tive & inspired.

Get Ready to be com­plete­ly absorbed in this video pre­sen­ta­tion.



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