Laugh, Watch, & Be Wow-ed- How Carvana is Revolutionizing the Car Industry & Corporate Culture

Article Summary

Is it Car­a­van or Car­vana and who are these guys?

You are gonna see how to show & tell what your com­pa­ny cul­ture is:

You are gonna love this video inter­view with the two Erns.

You are gonna won­der if Ernie, the CEO, is play­ing both parts.

You are gonna con­clude that the inter­view­er is real­ly actor Zach Gal­i­fi­anakis

You are gonna laugh and chuck­le & watch it again

You are gonna be impressed with act­ing of the Real Ernie (Gar­cia).

You are gonna think and rethink what online car buy­ing is all about

You are gonna see a stel­lar per­for­mance from the Car­vana CEO.

You are gonna “like the way they look” & where they are going.

You are gonna real­ize that Car­vana is for real & rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing car cul­ture

Take note and see how unique, cre­ative mar­ket­ing can work:This video inter­view is so well done that it could well become an indus­try icon & video award win­ner.



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