Women Control 80% of Consumer Spending But Only 11% Are Ad Creative Directors.

Article Summary

What was & still is the Prob­lem with Women in Cre­ative?

Women are not yet cre­at­ing & direct­ing con­tent in adver­tis­ing

Lack of female cre­ative lead­er­ship in agency & OEM mar­ket­ing

Oppor­tu­ni­ty for agen­cies, clients, & indus­try

What has and is the impact of 3% Move­ment on Mar­ket­ing to Women & to Total Audi­ence?

3% Move­ment now in con­fer­enc­ing, Mini­Cons, Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, Research

7th annu­al Two day fall con­fer­ence com­ing in Novem­ber in Chica­go

Online com­mu­ni­ty of 35,000

To begin to see the scope and impact of the 3% Move­ment, go to






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