Auto Industry Crisis Or Not?–57M Vehicles on the Road With Open Recalls

Article Summary

Why is this a poten­tial BIG prob­lem for OEMs & Own­ers:

Scary Fact: One out of every five cars that you pass are on Recall

OEMs & Deal­ers seem to accept this sit­u­a­tion

Is this a cri­sis or an acci­dent wait­ing to hap­pen.

Car­fax keeps talk­ing about effort to get vehi­cle back to deal­er­ship

Busy own­ers with life bal­ance issues is excuse for not respond­ing

The Pos­si­ble Impli­ca­tions of the Con­tin­ued Dis­In­ter­est by OEMs:

What about law suits over an acci­dent with Recall vehi­cles

Is Indus­try, OEMs. & Deal­ers not tak­ing action? Lawyers?

Cri­sis in the mak­ing? How do we wake peo­ple up?

Action: See Car­fax Release and Take the List seri­ous­ly at your own per­il



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