Twelve Enemies Impacting Your Creativity

Twelve Ene­mies Impact­ing Your Cre­ativ­i­ty

1. Self-doubt
2 . Unnec­es­sary Process Rig­or
3. Resource Abun­dance
4. Big Egos
5. Group Think­ing
6. Moti­va­tion to Imi­tate
7. Impa­tience
8. Look­ing for Short­cuts
9. Try­ing to Please Every­one
10. No Safe Space to Exper­i­ment
11. A Cul­ture of Blame
12. Micro Man­age­ment

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Source of this List of Ene­mies of your Cre­ativ­i­ty came from:
Vala Afshar, Chief Dig­i­tal Evan­ge­list



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