Taking a Stand: Courageous Enterprise Leads Car Rental Industry–Cuts Off NRA Discount Program

Article Summary

How the Car Rental Indus­try start­ed a Move­ment:

Enter­prise leads the Major car rental com­pa­nies with Nation­al and Avis fol­low­ing:

Cuts off dis­count pro­gram for NRA mem­bers.

Sends a mes­sage to NRA that cur­rent posi­tions on gun con­trol are unac­cept­able.

Begin­ning of finan­cial pres­sure on the NRA for its stands on cur­rent gun laws.

Major cor­po­ra­tion are fol­low the Car Rental indus­try

Going after gun man­u­fac­tur­ers next.

#Boy­cottNRA is the hash tag to see the impact on the NRA

See What New York Times cov­er­age shows about dozens of com­pa­nies fol­low­ing the lead of the RAC com­pa­nies




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