Five Content Marketing Trends to Watch for 2018 — Get Ready for Wild Ride

Article Summary

Over­all Sit­u­a­tion with Con­tent Mar­ket­ing

What Joe Pul­lizzi, CMI Founder, says:

Native adver­tis­ing is still the gate­way drug

Mobile, too, is get­ting more into con­tent mar­ket­ing pro­grams

Con­sumer Con­tent Mar­ket­ing con­tin­ues to be the fla­vor of the month

Evo­lu­tion of the con­tent mar­ket­ing prac­tice itself.

Here are the five Mar­ket­ing Trends:

1. Orig­i­nal Con­tent more in demand and addic­tive

2. Onslaught of Acqui­si­tions – Build or Buy is the Ques­tion

3. Mar­ket­ing as a Prof­it Cen­ter – Con­tent Mon­e­ti­za­tion is here

4. Con­tent Mar­ket­ing Goes World­wide – Watch Chi­na

5. Turf War between PR, Mar­ket­ing, Social Media & Con­tent Devel­op­ers

Click and Gain the insight­ful detail in this link to Joe’s Trends for Con­tent Mar­ket­ing



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