8-steps-in-sale-evolutionThe Most Frustrating Step in Car Buying – It’s Not What You Think. New Research Measures Emotions During Purchase

Article Summary

Freak Out, Buy a Car: 5 of 8 Emo­tion­al Steps in buy­ing a car are Neg­a­tive, Frus­trat­ing & Fear­ful.

SITUATION That Prompt­ed Research:

Emo­tions dri­ve pur­chase decision;Cause shop­pers to leave before sale.

Buy­er research rates pos­i­tive feel­ings dur­ing 8 steps of pur­chase.

Tradein appraisals, deal terms, & financ­ing made peo­ple dis­ap­point­ed.


Deal­ers can con­trol car buy­ing expe­ri­ence & man­age buy­er emo­tions.

Emo­tion­al highs & lows of vehi­cle pur­chase are mea­sured & rat­ed.

Deal­ers to be trans­par­ent with pric­ing, pay­ments & edu­cate pri­or to F&I.

The Most Frus­trat­ing Step in Car Buy­ing Car – It’s Not What You Think. New Research Mea­sures Emo­tions Dur­ing Pur­chase



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