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Mobile App Uses Machine Learning & Predictive Search to Match up Car & Shopper

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Mobile app brings online-dat­ing men­tal­i­ty to car shop­ping

Web devel­op­er Aaron Rosen­thal knows all about the won­ders of online match­mak­ing. He found his girl­friend through the pop­u­lar dat­ing app Tin­der, which uses the data it gath­ers to match peo­ple up. The sys­tem, Rosen­thal says, will work for you if you let it.

Now Rosen­thal, 40, is apply­ing that match­mak­ing mind­set to the car busi­ness with a vehi­cle research app called Wyper — which he likes to tout as “Tin­der for Cars.”

Wyper, which col­lects infor­ma­tion on user likes and dis­likes to tai­lor the expe­ri­ence, lets car shop­pers swipe through images of new and used vehi­cles gath­ered from more than 29,000 deal­er­ship sites across the coun­try.

It also draws on sources such as eBay Motors and oth­er pri­vate list­ings to fill out a data­base of more than 2 mil­lion cars. The app, which allows con­sumers to list their own vehi­cles as well, only dis­plays list­ings from rep­utable sources that are direct­ly sell­ing their own inven­to­ry.

Expand­ed mar­ket
Each search list­ing page shows a pho­to of the vehi­cle. Users who click through are sent to the web­site of the store that is sell­ing it. Peo­ple can con­tact the deal­er­ship anony­mous­ly through the app via text or phone.

Wyper, of Irvine, Calif., is geared toward con­sumers, but Rosen­thal told Auto­mo­tive News there’s a pay­off for deal­er­ships, too, by extend­ing their poten­tial mar­ket area
The app allows for rapid-fire vehi­cle search­es that can quick­ly end up with users look­ing at inven­to­ry from stores as far as 200 miles away — turn­ing them into leads for deal­er­ships that those shop­pers might nev­er have dis­cov­ered oth­er­wise.

“The val­ue is hon­est­ly on the deal­er because when we do send the vis­i­tor to the deal­er, the deal­er is going to have a lot high­er chance of clos­ing that deal because of how low of a fun­nel shop­per we give them,” said Rosen­thal.
Jared Mer­rell, own­er of Maserati of Ana­heim Hills (Calif.), said he believes Wyper is being intro­duced at an ide­al time as con­sumers increas­ing­ly turn to their mobile devices to car-shop. Mer­rell has had cus­tomers come through his door after find­ing vehi­cles on Wyper.

“Wyper and its abil­i­ty to uti­lize tech­nol­o­gy while help­ing the cus­tomer find the best car pos­si­ble is just what this indus­try has need­ed to move for­ward with the grow­ing num­ber of mobile shop­pers,” Mer­rell said in a state­ment. “We are thrilled at what Wyper has done for our cus­tomers and are eager to see what they come up with next.”
Wyper is pow­ered by the AU.TO organ­ic search engine that Rosen­thal also devel­oped, and it aggre­gates deal­er­ship reviews from sites such as Yelp and Edmunds.com to fur­ther inform users.

Pre­dic­tive Search
Wyper’s pre­dic­tive search plat­form thrives on user feed­back. As peo­ple swipe through vehi­cles and down-vote cer­tain mod­els, Wyper picks up on their pref­er­ences and shows them only what they came to see.

Users can pri­or­i­tize search­es based on mod­els, vehi­cle cat­e­gories, col­ors and engines among oth­er fac­tors. Wyper adapts list­ings to what peo­ple like as they swipe past vehi­cles and remem­bers user pro­file pref­er­ences after they leave.

Peo­ple can elim­i­nate vehi­cles from their search results by choos­ing to dis­like fac­tors such as price, col­or, mod­el and mileage. Wyper gath­ers data on a com­mu­ni­ty­wide basis as well to deter­mine in-demand vehi­cles on the app that should appear high­est ini­tial­ly dur­ing search­es.

Wyper is com­pet­ing for mobile traf­fic with numer­ous third-par­ty sites, such as Autotrader.com, Cars.com and Car­Gu­rus.
Rosen­thal broke into the auto indus­try in 2002 by build­ing web­sites for car deal­er­ships — includ­ing one for his for­mer room­mate who owned a used-car store.
Rosen­thal said he gen­er­ates rev­enue through clicks and by sell­ing leads to third-par­ty sites such as Auto­by­tel.

“The cars that we think would be the best val­ue show up at the top. As users are swip­ing through the cars, we learn even more,” Rosen­thal said.
“The machine learn­ing is sim­i­lar to the way that Pan­do­ra works. The more users use the plat­form, the more learn­ing that is going on, the more pre­dict­ed val­ue and inter­est is being deter­mined.”

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