Mentor Graphics Video - Dr Lawrence -Picture1 Transforming Mobility:
The Signal in the Noise

Article Summary

The Sit­u­a­tion that Pro­duced this Video:

A com­pa­ny called Men­tor Graph­ics, based in Ore­gon, staged an extra­or­di­nary con­fer­ence at Ford, Dear­born, in June.

The dis­tin­guished speak­ers made very tech­ni­cal pre­sen­ta­tions about the lat­est in autonomous
vehi­cles, the tech­nol­o­gy of con­nect­ed cars and engi­neer­ing break­throughs.

AIN Media has sought to iden­ti­fy and stream videos of pre­sen­ta­tion that are time­ly and infor­ma­tive for
C-Lev­el auto­mo­tive & busi­ness exec­u­tives.

Sig­nif­i­cance of this Video:

Dr. Lar­ry Burns, for­mer VP of R&D at GM, explores the forces shap­ing the future of mobil­i­ty and the auto­mo­bile. He is a major voice for the rein­ven­tion of the auto­mo­bile and the diver­si­fi­ca­tion of trans­porta­tion ener­gy.

Why should you watch and lis­ten to this video: It frames a num­ber of sce­nar­ios fram­ing this future and give you advice and action­able on how to pre­pare for the inevitable trans­for­ma­tion of how peo­ple
move around.

The last 25 min­utes will give you one of the most inclu­sive pre­sen­ta­tions on the future of mobil­i­ty and auto­mo­tive tech­nol­o­gy. If you don’t watch – then make sure you lis­ten and make notes and be
informed and ready to brief your boss.

What is the best part of the video for the typ­i­cal indus­try exec­u­tive? Prob­a­bly start­ing
at the 35 minute time­line.



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