Stable Commercial Truck Values Seen in First Quarter

Chris Viss­er
Senior Ana­lyst and Prod­uct Man­ag­er
ATD/NADA Offi­cial Com­mer­cial Truck Guide

Over­all com­mer­cial vehi­cle vol­ume and pric­ing has been less volatile in the first quar­ter of this year. Feb­ru­ary retail sales data was indi­cat­ing sta­ble to down­ward pric­ing and vol­ume. Feb­ru­ary auc­tion vol­ume was sim­i­lar to the sec­ond half of 2015, and pric­ing was steady. March retail sales results should be sim­i­lar to slight­ly high­er in vol­ume, with pric­ing mild­ly low­er. Auc­tion vol­ume and pric­ing data should be sim­i­lar to Feb­ru­ary.

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Mod­el Year 2011–2013 Sleep­er Trac­tors Lost 5% Retail Val­ue in Jan­u­ary:
Pre­lim­i­nary Feb­ru­ary data was point­ing to anoth­er 4% loss month-over-month.

Class 4 Con­ven­tion­als Began this Year Near­ly 6% Low­er than Year Ear­li­er:
Class 6 con­ven­tion­als fared bet­ter at $25,881, 3% low­er than Jan­u­ary 2015.

Retail Chan­nel Still Has Some Pent-Up Val­ue Depre­ci­a­tion to Cycle through:
Stay­ing with esti­mate of rough­ly 4% depre­ci­a­tion per month into the sec­ond quar­ter.



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