Chip Perry Announces TrueCar Pledge to Dealers

True­Car, which not long ago was clash­ing with U.S. deal­ers, has reversed course under its new pres­i­dent and CEO, Chip Per­ry. As founder of, Per­ry brings his exper­tise in third-par­ty auto­mo­tive sites and on what con­sumers expect from deal­ers. Per­ry has made clear his pledge to improv­ing rela­tions to deal­ers and rein­vent­ing TrueCar’s role in the auto­mo­tive space. “Over the past decade, True­Car has been suc­cess­ful in attract­ing car buy­ers, but its over­all approach has alien­at­ed many deal­ers across the coun­try,” Per­ry wrote on the com­pa­ny site in “Our Pledge to Deal­ers.”

If you review the let­ter and its link to a pre­sen­ta­tion, you’ll find these three com­mit­ments the com­pa­ny has made to deal­ers:

Major changes in prod­uct offer­ings

True­Car is mov­ing to reduce the use of its site and brand iden­ti­ty as a pure­ly price-dri­ven shop­ping tool, and to enable deal­ers to com­pete on fac­tors oth­er than price. The com­pa­ny is work­ing on strength­en­ing its curve to use data that’s even more focused on local mar­kets and more local­ized True­Car price curves.

Address­ing deal­er con­cerns about how they’re treat­ed as cus­tomers

True­Car is redesign­ing data poli­cies, billing mod­el, and billing prac­tices. True­Car is also hir­ing over 100 field ser­vice con­sul­tants to help deal­ers make bet­ter use of its tools and close more sales. In the sec­ond quar­ter, the com­pa­ny will test an option­al sub­scrip­tion billing mod­el in Geor­gia (cur­rent­ly a Pay Per Sale state), with plans to roll it out nation­al­ly by end of year.

Clean­ing up con­sumer adver­tis­ing and web­site lan­guage

TrueCar’s goal is cre­at­ing more bal­anced mes­sag­ing that posi­tions deal­ers in a pos­i­tive light. One way this will be worked is to remove “Nev­er Over­pay” from its mes­sag­ing. The pri­or lan­guage implied that deal­ers over­charge con­sumers.

There are sev­er­al oth­er changes to be imple­ment­ed by True­Car as part of this change. You can read more about it on the Full Pledge PDF. Addi­tion­al­ly, True­Car will clar­i­fy its inten­tions regard­ing poten­tial future F&I and Trade-In prod­ucts. The com­pa­ny will only sup­port indi­rect finance and will not offer third-par­ty direct finance prod­ucts through


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