Luxury Cars Had Largest Price Drops on List

Mike Han­ley
Senior Edi­tor

The GMC Savana 2500 had the high­est price increase in Jan­u­ary at 3.9%, while the BMW 740i had the biggest price drop at 5.9% on the month­ly rank­ings. Late-mod­el used lux­u­ry cars took the biggest price declines, with eight of the top 10 with the biggest price drops com­ing from lux­u­ry brands.

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Eight of 10 Mod­els with Largest Price Increas­es Were Crossovers of SUVs:
After GMC Savana, next five mod­els on list had price gains from 1.5% to 2.9%.

Top 10 Price Increas­es Were Well Above Aver­age for All Late-Mod­el Used Cars:
Over­all aver­age was down 0.3% ($80) in Jan­u­ary at an aver­age price of $23,953.

Vehi­cles List­ed in Report Must Be 2013 to 2015 MY with Biggest Price Ranges:
Mod­el must have at least 250 cars list­ed for sale on to be eli­gi­ble for lists.



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