Large SUVs and Compact Cars Show Stark Contrast

Anil Goy­al
Senior VP of Auto­mo­tive Val­u­a­tion and Ana­lyt­ics
Black Book

Two vehi­cle seg­ments that have shown stark con­trast in vehi­cle val­ue reten­tion trends have been large SUVs ver­sus small cars. Full Size Crossover/SUVs are retain­ing val­ue bet­ter than lev­els seen in last 10 years, while Com­pact Cars are on the decline after reach­ing a peak in 2013. Remar­keters have seen over­all sta­ble con­di­tions at auc­tions with bad weath­er hav­ing some effect.

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Sub-Com­pact Cars Start­ed to Show Strength with Tax Sea­son Approach­ing:
In addi­tion, most crossover/SUV seg­ments remain rel­a­tive­ly strong in the mar­ket.

All Car Seg­ments Except Sub-Com­pact Cars Declined in Val­ue:
Car val­ues declined by 0.47% last week, which is close to 0.44% aver­age in recent weeks.

On Truck Side, Sub-Com­pact Crossover Seg­ment Declined the most at 2.04%:
Full-Size Crossover/SUV and Com­pact Van seg­ments expe­ri­enced an increase.



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