Kelley Blue Book Report on Q4 Used Car Market Performance

Sean Foy­il
Kel­ley Blue Book

Aver­age auc­tion prices for used 1-to-3 year-old vehi­cles declined 5.85%, or about $1,000, in Q4 2015. This was an increased drop of 1.83%, or $281, com­pared to Q3 2015. The accel­er­at­ed decline in auc­tion val­ues came from increased sup­ply main­ly of off-lease vehi­cles, which drove prices below where they were at the end of 2014. Auc­tion val­ues in Q4 fin­ished a mere $159 below auc­tion val­ues for the same peri­od in 2014 and $88 above 2013 val­ues.

Here’s the Blue Book Mar­ket Report for Q4 2015

We’ve Come a Long Way Since 2012 When Gas Prices Hit $3 to $4 Per Gal­lon:
Con­sumers mov­ing back into larg­er vehi­cles, SUVs, and trucks and away from small­er fuel effi­cient and hybrid vehi­cles.

Nis­san LEAF Up 3% and Best Per­form­ing Vehi­cle Across All Seg­ments:
1–3 year-old vehi­cles in high-end lux­u­ry car and lux­u­ry car seg­ments were worst per­form­ers.

Hon­da, MINI, Toy­ota, Nis­san and Scion Top 5 Best Per­form­ing Brands:
Toy­ota Tun­dra Dou­ble Cap best per­form­ing among these brands after Nis­san Leaf, down 1%.



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