ADESA Acquiring Brasher Auctions

ADESA - February 17, 2016

ADESA is acquir­ing eight auc­tions owned by the Brash­er fam­i­ly, accord­ing to an announce­ment from ADESA par­ent com­pa­ny KAR Auc­tion Ser­vices, Inc. The Brash­er auc­tions are locat­ed in Salt Lake City, Sacra­men­to, Port­land, Boise, San Jose, Eugene, Ore., Reno, and Fres­no. Brasher’s key cor­po­rate and local auc­tion per­son­nel will main­tain lead­er­ship roles across the Brash­er auc­tions. Brasher’s will be acquired for about $283 mil­lion in cash. The Brash­er fam­i­ly had been instru­men­tal in the for­ma­tion of the ServNet inde­pen­dent auc­tion net­work.


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