2015 Saw Record Used Car Prices and Record CPO Volume

Jes­si­ca Cald­well
Direc­tor of Indus­try Analy­sis

Last year saw record used car prices at $18,600 aver­age per vehi­cle sold, and an all-time high for CPO sales of 2.55 mil­lion. Over­all used vehi­cle prices climbed 5.6% in U.S. sales last year to a total of 38.3 mil­lion units sold. The pop­u­lar­i­ty of leas­ing has been bring­ing younger and high­er qual­i­ty used cars back to the mar­ket. With a record num­ber of lease ter­mi­na­tions expect­ed in 2016, for the fore­see­able future there cer­tain­ly will be no short­age of sup­ply to meet the grow­ing demand for used cars.

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38.2M Used Vehi­cles Sold in 2015 Was High­est Sin­gle Year Since 2007:
Fran­chised deal­ers had had their high­est sin­gle-year record with 11.4M units sold.

Heavy Influx of Lease Returns Saw Vehi­cles Sold at 4.4 Years from 4.6 Years:
Trans­ac­tion prices increased 4.6% from $17,700 in 2014 to $18,600 in 2015.

CPO Sales Made Up 22.4% of Fran­chised Deal­er Used Car Sales in 2015:
That was up from 20.9% in 2014 and 18.8% in 2010 for fran­chised deal­ers.



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