How to Keep Online Shoppers Focused on Your Used Inventory

Sell­ing used cars is hard. Com­pe­ti­tion is incred­i­bly fierce, espe­cial­ly online, and there are lots of online places to choose from where you can list your used inven­to­ry. How­ev­er, just about all of them list new vehi­cles, too. So why make sell­ing your used cars hard­er by hav­ing them com­pete with new units as well? With Car­fax® Used Car List­ings, you don’t have to – it’s pre-owned cars only. “By not hav­ing the new cars com­pete with my used car sales, it’s ben­e­fi­cial to us,” says Peter Fer­ri with Peruzzi Toy­ota in Hat­field, PA. “Any­thing new that’s pop­ping up is just going to con­fuse them (cus­tomers), draw them away from what they’re ini­tial­ly doing and make the process longer.” The last thing you want is one of your would-be used car buy­ers lured away by some­one else’s new car list­ing.

Mil­lions of peo­ple shop at because they want to buy a great used car fast and easy. There are no new car list­ings or ads to dis­tract them. shop­pers also get to see the tons of pic­tures you’ve tak­en, read a robust vehi­cle descrip­tion and see the full Car­fax Report you’ve run for each unit. All of this, plus direct links to your web­site and mul­ti­ple ways for cus­tomers to con­nect with you, often results in bet­ter close-rates for your staff. In fact, Peruzzi Toy­ota clos­es on more than half of the cus­tomers com­ing to their store from Fer­ri states that with Car­fax Used Car List­ings “the prof­it that we make per unit is excellent…We’re real­ly pleased with the qual­i­ty of the cus­tomers it brings in. No tire kick­ers come in.”

CARFAX Used Car List­ings deliv­ers these ben­e­fits and more to CARFAX Advan­tage® Deal­ers. Get your inven­to­ry up on CARFAX Used Car List­ings today by call­ing 888–788-7715.

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