Electronic Odometer Disclosures Part of FAST Act Bill

MVSC - December 10, 2015

The lan­guage con­tained in the FAST Act bill that Con­gress recent­ly passed and Pres­i­dent Oba­ma signed allows states to move for­ward with pro­grams to imple­ment elec­tron­ic odome­ter dis­clo­sures, notices, and relat­ed mate­ri­als as long as those process­es pro­vide appro­pri­ate authen­ti­ca­tion and secu­ri­ty mea­sures. The new law will not only allow for a faster and more con­ve­nient process for auto­mo­bile buy­ers, but it will also increase accu­ra­cy and effi­cien­cy at state motor vehi­cle depart­ments across the coun­try.



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