Drive Sales of Your Premium One-Owner Inventory

You’ve prob­a­bly heard the per­fect used car being described by some as “the one grand­ma bought new and only drove to church on Sun­days”. While actu­al­ly find­ing this car may be a pipedream for most of us, it’s a state­ment that shows just how much used car buy­ers care about how many own­ers a car had before them. Many peo­ple cov­et one-own­er cars and are will­ing to pay a pre­mi­um for one. As a deal­er, it’s in your best inter­est to be on top of your one-own­er mix and show­case these stars of your inven­to­ry.

The folks at Myr­tle Beach Hyundai pay close atten­tion to theirs. “Peo­ple get a great feel­ing from buy­ing a car that’s had only one own­er,” says gen­er­al man­ag­er Robert Wingate. “It’s one of the main rea­sons our reten­tion effi­cien­cy is so high, the high­est in our group in fact. Our cus­tomers know we’ve always got a lot full of Car­fax® 1-Own­er cars.” Every month the Car­fax rep for Myr­tle Beach Hyundai deliv­ers a report show­ing the per­cent­age of Car­fax 1-Own­er vehi­cles in their inven­to­ry. Plus, at any time, some­one at the deal­er­ship can log into their Car­fax account and see the total num­ber and spe­cif­ic vehi­cles by VIN that are Car­fax 1-Own­er. You can do all this, too, as a Car­fax deal­er.

Oppor­tu­ni­ties abound since more than half of the aver­age Car­fax dealer’s inven­to­ry is made up of one-own­er units. Whether at acqui­si­tion, in your adver­tis­ing or dur­ing retail, Car­fax has tools that make it easy for you to iden­ti­fy these cars and turn them quick­er. Most impor­tant, Car­fax Advan­tage® Deal­ers are putting their Car­fax 1-Own­er inven­to­ry in front of the rapid­ly grow­ing num­ber of peo­ple shop­ping on With cus­tomers able to choose only Car­fax 1-Own­er cars to show on the SRPs, Car­fax Used Car List­ings™ helps dri­ve these one-own­er fanat­ics to your stores.

Become a Car­fax Advan­tage Deal­er and get your inven­to­ry up on Car­fax Used Car List­ings today by call­ing 888–788-7715.




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