Used Car Prices Down to Lowest Level for 2015

Mike Han­ley
Senior Edi­tor

The aver­age price paid for all 2012–2014 mod­el year used cars list­ed on came in at $22,245, which is the low­est it’s been dur­ing 2015. The aver­age price was down 0.7% for Octo­ber and fell for the sec­ond month in a row. Only nine cars had price increas­es in the month of Octo­ber, and the gains were rel­a­tive­ly small across the board. Toy­ota Prius Plug-In had biggest price drop at 5.7% decline, and Fusion Hybrid dipped 4.4% as gaso­line prices stayed cheap.

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Prius Plug-In Has Veen in Top 10 Price Declines Every Month Since May 2015:
Since then, its aver­age price has fall­en 21.3%, or $4,921 down in used car val­ue.

Two Fuel-Effi­cient Cars Bucked Price Decline Trend dur­ing Octo­ber:
Nis­san Leaf increased 0.6% and Hon­da Insight hybrid went up 0.3% in Octo­ber.

BMW 750i Full-Size Lux­u­ry Had Biggest Used Price Increase at 1.1% or $520:
Slight­ly ahead of GMC Sier­ra 3500 heavy-duty pick­up, which was up 1% or $431.


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