Q3 Lowest Value in Two Years but Hit Seasonal Patterns

Sean Foy­il
Kel­ley Blue Book

Auc­tion val­ues were below prices seen in the third quar­ters of 2013 and 2014. Val­ues aver­aged $850 this past quar­ter, $38 below Q3 2013 and $349 in Q3 2014. Even though the mar­ket is at a two-year low, KBB doesn’t see it as out of the ordi­nary. Auc­tion vol­umes have been up com­pared to past two years; and val­ues are see­ing a typ­i­cal sea­son­al pat­ter through­out Q3 and into late Q4.

Blue Book Mar­ket Report changes over to quar­ter­ly edi­tion

Gaso­line Prices Hit Peak of $2.74 in June and Have Since Been on Decline:
Expect to see gas prices con­tin­ue to decline slight­ly and main­tain lev­el in ear­ly 2016.

Mid-size and Full-size Pick­ups Have Out­per­formed Mar­ket for 1-to-3 Year Olds:
Nis­san Fron­tier best mid-size per­former, and Dodge Ram 3500 best in full-size.

Sub­aru Topped 2014 MY Mid-size and Com­pact Seg­ments in Per­cent Reten­tion:
Sub­aru Impreza per­formed at 73.8% reten­tion, and Sub­aru Lega­cy was at 72.5%.



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